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Political Music Club, the novel is finally out and can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and more!

non-Hollywood, a novel by Neal A. Yeager

The 33rd Year

Drawing comparisons to other literary and philosophical novels such as Zen and the Art of Mortorcycle Maintenance and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, The 33rd Year follows the struggles of a man trying to find something more in a world not set up to allow it.

The 33rd Year was Neal's first novel and can be purchased at Amazon.com, or you can read more about it, including a full sample, here...

More by Neal...

The Next Seattle

Memoir of a Music Scene

This humorous novella follows the exploits of musicians trying to make a go of it in a small midwestern city just before the dawn of the internet.

Tethered to Nothing

A collection of quirky short stories -- most written by Neal in his early 20s -- interspersed with song lyrics disguised as poetry.

Travertine Saints

An interesting experiment of taking some of Neal's better-known songs (plus a few new ones) and arranging them in the style of the classic rock power trios. This album features a kicking new version of The Days That Matter.

Nine and Two Thirds

Remastered and Reissued for 2016

Neal has written and recorded a whole lot of music over the years. This EP is his favorite... Plus, read about some of Neal's other musical projects.

Neal A. Yeager

  • Author, Musician, Filmmaker

    Splitting his time between L.A. and Durango, CO, Neal is a prolific writer and musician. His past works include the novel The 33rd Year, the novella The Next Seattle, the independent film Venice Disciple and several albums of both solo material and with the band Casual Rebels. He is currently promoting the release of the novel nonhollywod and writing a film musical, tentatively entitled "Awake. Asleep. Awake."

News and miscellany by Neal

  • One of my best-received songs was an acoustic tune written many years ago called "Tesseracts and the Rosetta Stone." It was inspired by the works of Carl Sagan and James Randi and the work both have done to combat pseudoscience. That song has been reworked on the Travertine Saints album "These Are the Days that Matter." Listen to both versions and see what you think...